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My Google BigQuery Udemy class

Published 3 years, 5 months ago 5 min read bigquery gcp udemy class googlecloud

Trying to take an advantage of sitting at home during covid-19 time, I created this Google BigQuery class that will be helpful for beginners starting with GCP and BigQuery. I put 5 years of my knowledge into 3 hours of video content where I try to explain the whole concept.

You can find it on under this link: Google BigQuery Udemy class.

Content of the class

During the 3 hours of video, I take it through these topics:

  • Understand the concept of BigQuery and how does it stand next to other databases such as MySQL or Postgress
  • Import your data to BigQuery and Cloud storage, create your table, export data
  • SQL basics – SELECT, WHERE, ORDER BY, LIKE, JOIN, Date and String functions
  • SQL aggregation functions - SUM, AVG, COUNT, HAVING and GROUP BY
  • BigQuery ML to create your own machine learning model easily with SQL, make a time series prediction
  • Visualise your data in Google Data Studio and make your own dashboard
  • Advanced BigQuery concepts – Partitioning tables, Clustering and Nested Fields
  • Window analytical functions - SUM() OVER (PARTITION BY...)

I have always wanted to try making a video lesson as I also bought several of them on Udemy at the beginning of my carrier. In Proficio, company I work for, I've made a several workshops for new people joining the team and was always thinking – what about making a video of it and put it online?

Here we go. The production quality is not as great as it could be but as a first try not too bad after all. By the time I'm writing this post, after 2 weeks since the course was released on Udemy, already 20 people have bought the course which is above my expectations.

Here, the link to my class again: Google BigQuery Udemy class.

I'm already thinking about making other video class that would be more production-wise sophisticated but it takes a lot of time an effort. Let's see :)